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Platform for schools that supports parents to have purposeful and educational conversations with their children.

Luminis uses email and text messages (sms) as a channel to engage and educate.

Brekkie provides a secure portal for school administrators to curate and schedule content, create automation, produce reports and access important analytics.

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Brekkie is a reliable and cost-effective cloud-based platform – so there’s no need for expensive and complex apps

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Powerful dashboad that school leadership can use to obtain engagement, completion and other important data

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Schools can develop their own content and apply their branding for various bite-sized training purposes

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Different use cases of Luminis

Here’s how you can use Luminis in other ways:

  • As part of teacher training to help ‘drip feed’ engagement and familiarity with new courses or policies (who reads a 30 page policy manual in depth?)
  • Study support material broken up and sent to students to help them revise (so students don’t get overwhelmed by hours of revision)
  • Getting suppliers trained on procedures and policies

Parents don't have to conquer calculus or chemistry to help their kids. Just asking a child what they are learning, reading with them or in front of them, or talking about what's on the news can all help a child do better at school.

Stephen Bartos (CEO of Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth)

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