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Daily bite-sized email with conversation topic connected to your child’s curriculum lands in your inbox first thing in the morning to help guide a meaningful luminis conversation.

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Step 1

You choose when you want to receive the email to have a chat with your child at breakfast, at the school run or at the bedtime.

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Step 2

We will automatically send a daily bite-sized email to you that connects to your children's age and learning topics.

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Step 3

You will be able to have meaningful conversation while also encouraging their education in a more fun and engaging way.

The idea of Luminis Email came from 9-year-old girl Zayna.

Zayna wanted to talk to her dad about the things she was learning at her school during the time of breakfast or in the car on daily school runs.

To encourage these moments, she asked her dad to send himself a short email every morning, with topics related to what she was studying so they could have fun conversations about it.

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Why you should ask your child’s school to invest in Luminis Email?

According to the 2018 Report Card: The Wellbeing of Young Australians by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY), when parents partner and work with schools it can be the equivalent of their child getting an extra two years of education.

I’ve been receiving Luminis emails for some time and I find it extremely useful to kick-off a long academic chat with my kids.

Steven R (United Kingdom)

Take the headache out of mastering geometry or remembering histroy to engage with your child.

Have a simple way to start more meaningful and educational chats with them!

To have access to Luminis Email, use the contact form below.